Brief Introduction

Our office is mainly focused on business law, offering to our clients a large range of legal services on business creation, functioning, development, transforming in such a way that, for a business men, who is calling for our services, business support is assured completely by our proficiency and documentation. By our counseling we aim for our clients to optimize business, and by a strong relationship built between our office and clients companies, we prevent potential issues occurring, and find out intelligent solutions in our clients benefit, for avoiding expensive trials.

We are dynamic and available, promptly responding to our clients requests.

We are addressing to a very demanding clients segment, as regards quality and terms of our services are provided, but this demanding is based on practical needs, and constraints in economy, fiscal, and legal issues, specific of corporate domain, in which our clients are acting.

We offer a solid legal counseling, based on our long and solid experience and practice.

We issue legal opinions as well as information regarding requested matters, or entering in our clients’ interest.

We make legal documents projects (contracts, agreements, establishing acts etc.) and assist our clients to their negotiations.

We assure legal support to deliberation bodies of a legal person.

In our client’s behalf we are redacting and forwarding any claims, notifications, memoirs, or applications to authorities, entities, and any other persons, for safeguard and defend legitimate rights and interests of our client.

We provide counseling in the industrial property field.

We attest the identity, consent of the parties, as well as the date of a document.

We undertake fiduciary activities, in the name and behalf of our client, under the limits and time of power the client gave us.

We provide any other legal advising.

We provide mediation services, according to Law no. 192 from 16 May 2006 regarding mediation and mediator profession functioning.